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About AuBox

AuBox was built on the idea that marijuana can be enjoyed in many ways. We want to create a luxury experience that will change the way people view cannabis.

We recognize that obtaining premium cannabis can be an uncomfortable inconvenience, so AuBox makes life a little easier by delivering quality products to your door. You will receive a new box at the end of every month, whether you choose the the same theme each time, or switch among our various box offerings. No matter which box you order, we guarantee that it will contain different items to try each month, even if you stick with the same theme. We are constantly searching for new lab tested, beautifully packaged, quality products to surprise and delight you with every delivery.

We cater to busy people: hard workers, jet-setters, and those who expect the best. Because many of our customers travel often, we offer a pause option that allows you to put your 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription on hold.
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Jessica VerSteeg CEO and Co-founder
As an international model, 2014 Miss Iowa, and a contestant on season 28 of Amazing Race, Jessica Versteeg has traveled around the world and spent the past decade in the public eye. Now, she steps behind the scenes to change the way people think about cannabis with AuBox, the world’s first luxury cannabis delivery company. After seeing the potential danger of prescription drugs firsthand, Jessica hopes to help remove the stigma and stoner image surrounding marijuana and promote its safe use. Jessica is based in San Francisco.
Rusty Deatherage COO and Co-founder
With an extensive background in cannabis, agriculture, sustainable farming, and farm operations, Rusty is at the forefront of the modern marijuana movement. His decade of experience in account management roles at San Francisco startups and Fortune 500 companies gives him a deep understanding of web-based business, and his focus in customer service informs his approach in directing a premium delivery brand. Rusty loves the variety offered by AuBox and how it offers patients a variety of ways to benefit from cannabis. He lives in San Francisco.

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